Thursday, 31 May 2007

Waiting for the Plunge

Well, it seems the release of the new Plunge album will be delayed until late summer as the process of manufacturing (printing etc) has dragged on a bit more than expected.

We won´t have time to do a proper releasegig before we all disperse for summer (with Peter actually moving home-base to New York for the rest of 2007) so we´ll have to do it in early autumn when he is back for a month of gigs (including the KOPAFestival)

The album will of course be available in stores and from the Kopasetic website well before that, but we´ll put a hold on the pr machinery until later...

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Following Jesus after christendom

As we (for now!) have all but finished working with Jesus "sermon on the mount" as a paradigm for everyday life and practice I am now in the early stages of preparing some seminars for the Nordic Vineyard Church movement.

At this years Vineyard Nordic Summer camp I´ll try and adress some hopeful ways forward for being church/followers of Jesus, and for a healthy theological reflection on life in post-christendom europe (in this case scandinavia). This will take place under the title "Pushed aside or liberated"? (- Finding hopeful practices of discipleship and a sustainable theology in post-christian scandinavia)

In february 2008 I will participate in a weekend of seminars in the Copenhagen Vineyard focused on various ways to reflect theologically about healing (physical, relational, emotional). The fancy title is: "What do You want me to do for You?" (- Christological perspectives on mission and healing in a post-christendom context)

If You have reflections on the above or suggestions for issues that You find important concerning theese subjects, please feel free to respond to this post! I´m happy to recieve Your suggestions!

Visits and weddings

It´s great to see old friends! This week Jonathan has been over from Wales for Helena and Christoffers wedding + some leisure time in his up-til recent home, Sweden. The peak of his visit was (arguably) his first time visit to kallbadhuset, the sauna and relaxation facility situated at the Ribersborg beach in Malmö. The temperature sniffed at 25 degrees and the sun was out.... mmm, lovely!

And the wedding? A great day in Kivik filled with old and new friends, a warm ceremony, lovely music, great food and of course Helena and Chris themselves!

Friday, 25 May 2007


Finally my darling wife Anna has joined the addictive quasi-community of MySpace. Go visit her site right now for some soulful and heartfelt gospelmusic!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

"Moral majority entertainment" or "Why Jesus don´t sell popcorns"

While working as a p.a this weekend I saw half an episode of the american soap 7:th heaven with a storyline evolving around the life of christian minister Eric Camden and his family. One of the "solve ´em in 30 minutes + commercials" moral issues in this particular show had to do with the fact that the oldest son wanted to join the U.S army in order to get a scholarship for university...
The mother of the pious and "down to earth and sensible" Camden family reacts with anger at his decision but not because of him joining the army as such. She actually leaps in to a prolonged appraisal of how the army "protects their country and way of life" and how much she appreciates what they are doing to protect freedom overseas. The actual reason for her anger is not over her son wanting to join (for the sake of earning money and getting a uni degree) an organisation that will require him to kill other human beings, maybe even other christians, which is quite the opposite to how the main man of christian faith and life - Jesus - taught and lived.
So why her outrage? She finds him too immature to handle such an assignment and thinks he should stay home. Nevertheless he takes a test for a boot-camp, but fails! Everybody´s happy!
Hmm... I wonder if any network will ever broadcast a story about a similar family in a similar situation where the mother (or father) reacts to such a proposal from their son with: "-You know what. Why don´t You join the christian peacemakers instead if You want to risk your life for the sake of freedom..."
I guess it´s just not good tv!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Getting the story right...

A comprehensive history of the church in the west by the great deconstructivist theologian Eddie Izzard.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Refreshingly Addictive

An update on the progress of our new Plunge-album. The title is set to be "Refreshingly addictive" (Go trace the quote!). It´s due for mastering next monday and should be available for purchase around june 1:st.

Some questions on life-legacy, faith and politics for Mr Tony Blair

Tony Blair has announced that his resignation day as prime minister for the UK will be june 27:th. Being one of the most recognised world leaders of the last decade, he will naturally leave a legacy for the political world to ponder on for some time. BBC news political reporter Brian Wheeler has written a short "story of Tony Blair" on the BBC news homepage where Blairs personal history and legacy are at front.

Reading the story made me think about the issues of legacy and history and the cutting edge of faith and politics. (Blair being fairly open with his confession of christian faith). What kind of legacy do I want to leave? How would I want people to describe the way I lived my life in retrospect? The article also leaves me with the desire to ask mr Blair some questions.
Wheeler writes the following on Blairs years in Oxford training to be a barrister. Years profoudly shaping his future outlook on politics and life.

"... Blair was also developing a more thoughtful side. He began to talk about left wing politics and, unusually for the times, became increasingly serious about his Christian faith, taking confirmation classes... In his first year at the university, he befriended an Australian priest, Peter Thompson, with whom he would debate social issues and theology late into the night. Blair later credited Thompson with awakening in him an interest in Christian socialism, and a desire for social change."

What questions would I ask mr Blair? Many, but at least theese four:

- Did you often experience the tension between the politics of Jesus (i.e: peacemaking, radical criticism of traditional expressions of power replacing them with non-coercive and serving leadership) and your "responsibility" for the society to be stable and for keeping the public happy?
- Did you reflect, during the 9/11 crisis and the following "war on terror", on how (or if) a radical obedience to this Jesus (whom I suppose you, being a christian, confess as Lord) could have shaped your political actions in a deeper way?
- Did you and mr Bush discuss or even agonize over the apparent tension between Jesus radical and activist pacifism, the call to his disciples to be peacemakers and the politics of power and violence finally being your means of "positive change" in Iraq?
- What issues of social change would you derive as most directly coming out of You being a follower of Jesus?

No easy questions. No easy answers, as so often in life.

Ben Parker, the uncle of Peter Parker (aka. Spiderman) said it right and well: "With great power comes great responsibility".
I guess no matter who you are, or what your profession is (Including prime minister of the UK) this would be true: If you are a follower of Jesus he has to be the first and greatest authority in your life. The greatest responsibility for any one man (or woman) is to be faithful in life and practice to him! I hope mr Blair has reflected on this and wrestled with its implications often during his tenure at Downing street 10. I hope he will continue to do so as his position of power in this world changes.
Best of luck mr Blair... and mr Brown!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Theology in the garden

First whole day for me doing the late spring/early summer activities of having a meal and coffee out in a garden this year! A really nice day in skåne!

A.m. - I spent some time with good friends in the garden of Roland Spjuth. This was the last of our monthly talks centered on theological reflection on anything from an equitable lifestyle and salvation to culture and the arts.

P.m. - I hung out with Christoffer and Elin Wallin having piccled Herring with sour cream and potatoes on their patio. Swedish summer food paired with a conversation on the sometimes uncomfortably huge chasm between an "ordinary" middle-class moulded lifestyle and the lifestyle that flows out of following Jesus. Uncomfortable mostly, I guess, because we so often end up just having good conversations... It leaves you with an itch!