Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Visits and weddings

It´s great to see old friends! This week Jonathan has been over from Wales for Helena and Christoffers wedding + some leisure time in his up-til recent home, Sweden. The peak of his visit was (arguably) his first time visit to kallbadhuset, the sauna and relaxation facility situated at the Ribersborg beach in Malmö. The temperature sniffed at 25 degrees and the sun was out.... mmm, lovely!

And the wedding? A great day in Kivik filled with old and new friends, a warm ceremony, lovely music, great food and of course Helena and Chris themselves!

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tExTOb said...

tackar, tackar. det var ett nöje att få spela lite tillsammans med dig och att att träffas över huvet taget. om du känner för det kan du kolla in min my space för att höra hur det oftast låter när jag musicerar på egen hand. ha det gott. www.myspace.com/tobiassvard