Saturday, 5 May 2007

Theology in the garden

First whole day for me doing the late spring/early summer activities of having a meal and coffee out in a garden this year! A really nice day in skåne!

A.m. - I spent some time with good friends in the garden of Roland Spjuth. This was the last of our monthly talks centered on theological reflection on anything from an equitable lifestyle and salvation to culture and the arts.

P.m. - I hung out with Christoffer and Elin Wallin having piccled Herring with sour cream and potatoes on their patio. Swedish summer food paired with a conversation on the sometimes uncomfortably huge chasm between an "ordinary" middle-class moulded lifestyle and the lifestyle that flows out of following Jesus. Uncomfortable mostly, I guess, because we so often end up just having good conversations... It leaves you with an itch!

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Jonathan said...

glad you're enjoying the season min compis... I'll be seeing you shortly ;-)