Saturday, 19 May 2007

"Moral majority entertainment" or "Why Jesus don´t sell popcorns"

While working as a p.a this weekend I saw half an episode of the american soap 7:th heaven with a storyline evolving around the life of christian minister Eric Camden and his family. One of the "solve ´em in 30 minutes + commercials" moral issues in this particular show had to do with the fact that the oldest son wanted to join the U.S army in order to get a scholarship for university...
The mother of the pious and "down to earth and sensible" Camden family reacts with anger at his decision but not because of him joining the army as such. She actually leaps in to a prolonged appraisal of how the army "protects their country and way of life" and how much she appreciates what they are doing to protect freedom overseas. The actual reason for her anger is not over her son wanting to join (for the sake of earning money and getting a uni degree) an organisation that will require him to kill other human beings, maybe even other christians, which is quite the opposite to how the main man of christian faith and life - Jesus - taught and lived.
So why her outrage? She finds him too immature to handle such an assignment and thinks he should stay home. Nevertheless he takes a test for a boot-camp, but fails! Everybody´s happy!
Hmm... I wonder if any network will ever broadcast a story about a similar family in a similar situation where the mother (or father) reacts to such a proposal from their son with: "-You know what. Why don´t You join the christian peacemakers instead if You want to risk your life for the sake of freedom..."
I guess it´s just not good tv!

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