Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Following Jesus after christendom

As we (for now!) have all but finished working with Jesus "sermon on the mount" as a paradigm for everyday life and practice I am now in the early stages of preparing some seminars for the Nordic Vineyard Church movement.

At this years Vineyard Nordic Summer camp I´ll try and adress some hopeful ways forward for being church/followers of Jesus, and for a healthy theological reflection on life in post-christendom europe (in this case scandinavia). This will take place under the title "Pushed aside or liberated"? (- Finding hopeful practices of discipleship and a sustainable theology in post-christian scandinavia)

In february 2008 I will participate in a weekend of seminars in the Copenhagen Vineyard focused on various ways to reflect theologically about healing (physical, relational, emotional). The fancy title is: "What do You want me to do for You?" (- Christological perspectives on mission and healing in a post-christendom context)

If You have reflections on the above or suggestions for issues that You find important concerning theese subjects, please feel free to respond to this post! I´m happy to recieve Your suggestions!

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