Friday, 7 September 2007

Dr King said it well

"... My ministry is in obedience to the one who loved his enemies so fully that He died for them...There will be no meaningful solution until some attempt is made to know these people and hear their broken cries..."

Some core sentences from Dr Martin Luther Kings speech on why he was opposed to the Vietnam-war! It is almost 40 years old and has its context in the USA, but still speaks straight in to any conflict of man on any scale with painful truth and clarity.
Hearing Dr Kings confession of foundation and point of reference for action, I can be nothing but astonished and humbled.

And only one thing can be suggested for action wherever there is violence, opposition and war.

Not the politics of neutrality or flip-floping
Not the agressive politics of war.

... But only the costly embrace of the enemy and the recognition of their brokeness. The embrace of the soldier, the bully, he/she who is a thorn in your side, the strangers whom we demonize...

This is love

The urging to love our enemies is not about gaining a sentimental affection to people we don´t like - or even hate. It is an urging to be like Jesus, to embrace his vocation and to walk the walk of life His way.

Offer to serve your enemy!

Dr King knew this and he embraced it and faced pain of his own.
Being a follower of Jesus, he counted that as a privilege.

I hope I can someday reach that maturity as a man.

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