Monday, 17 September 2007

Breakfast in bed as sustainable consumption

I recently celebrated my 32:nd birthday and was woken up at 6 a.m by lovely Anna in a fashion fitting a disipline of consumption we´ve been trying to consiously embrace since this summer.

This lovely woman served me a delicious chocolate cake from Barista and also gave me a grey sweater from Uma Bazaar (imported through Kuyichi). A café and a store that both attempt to make fair trade and organic food/clothes more commonplace.

I call this a "discipline" for two reasons:

- First: The somewhat "negative" sense of "restraint of trade" and conscious behaviour in the word is a true one. We have found it difficult at times not to buy the often cheaper (and commercially more accessible) products that we enjoy and crave. Buying the more realisticly priced fairtrade and organic products limits our possibilities to consume and therefore asks serious questions to a society and cultur that is largely driven by consumerism. Questions that I suggest might have to to with the justice apparent in what Jesus calls "The Kingdom of God".

- Second: "Discipline" and discipleship are, in a deep sense, related words. Being a follower of Jesus (a disciple)means taking on disciplines that transform You and reveal a healthy and sustainable way of life. A life reflecting this "Kingdom of God" in our everyday lives.

The most reasonable way to live in any circumstance one might say.

My wife reminded me of that while celebrating my birthday with a chocolate cake breakfast in bed

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