Sunday, 10 June 2007

Off to USA and The Ukraine

Sometimes it seems like everything happens at once! Since thursday afternoon a number of things have left the "uncertain" or "maybe" box and jumped straight to the neighbouring box of "definitely happening".
In short, this is what has transpired:
- On thursday afternoon I found out that I will be made redundant from my job as a p.a for a disabled man effective june 25:th! It has been a journey of seven years as a p.a and a journey of humbling, great learning and social barriers crossed for me! Most of all I have gained a good friend in the guy I have worked with. Thanks man!
- Knowing that I would not be working in july made me and Anna decide on joining Christoffer Wallins amateur big band for a trip to USA on july 9 - 18. Anna has been a regular in their concerts of late and I´ve been helping out with sectionplaying and taking some solos on the odd occasion. They needed to know if we were coming on thursday afternoon as they had to finalize the flight-tickets then. So I called my work, got the notice to leave and now we´re off to the midwest! Funny...
- I also took the decision to leave for a week-long trip to Odessa in the Ukraine in late september. I´ll be joining a small group from our fellowship of Jesus followers as they travel to aid and support a recently started community of faith there. I´m not sure exactly what i´ll be doing, but a good guess is some bible teaching and leading discussions on that alongside some social work. I´m really looking forward to going as this type of work is something I´m very passionate about!

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Jonathan said...

exciting! exciting!