Tuesday, 19 June 2007


One year has passed since James died. It was a death too early, too tragical and too surprising to really grasp at the time. We’d just met the day before and James, being low and uncertain about some work decisions, wanted to talk about things and pick up some additional advice on what to do. We parted, hugging, aiming to talk the next day and perhaps meet up for a coffee. We ended up not getting in touch, as sometimes happens, and two days later James older brother phoned me to let us know that James had died. At that point me and Anna had already left for my parents some 1600 kilometres away from Malmö, making the early stages of grieving a very surreal experience.

I miss him so much!

I miss a good and loyal friend
I miss an honest and truth-telling man.
I miss a gifted poet.
I miss a passionate Jesus-follower.
I miss a man critical, in word and practice, of a nauseating “christendom-culture” too often prevalent in contemporary churches.
I miss a man whom I did not always agree with, in thought or practice, but someone I never feared loosing as a friend on account of that.
I miss a man who dared criticise my life decisions and dared take criticism himself.

I miss the man who hugged me and said “- See you later then…”
Yes, see You later James!

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fritzon said...

i miss him too.
i think i always will.
i hope so.