Saturday, 21 April 2007

First fruits

Time for a real blog then. So far i´ve been blogging on My Space but from now on this will be the space for my general rambling as well as more stuff infowise. Keep checking the My Space site however for info on gigs and recording activities as well as new soundclips.

Tomorrow i have the privilege of finishing a series of talks and conversations on Jesus sermon on the mount in our small fellowship of people eagering to follow Jesus in contemporary society. We end with Jesus urging us to build our life practices (You know: economics, family life, ethics, creativity and spirituality etc) on his words and his life.

Funny how we sometimes read Jesus as primarily wanting us to agree intellectually with his teachings and commands when in fact he is rather clear with the fact that this has to do with "learning to live". It´s about life skills for a distinct group of people that are called to be good news. What Jesus says is indeed so firmly anchored in communal practices before the eyes of the world that i must agree with
John Howard Yoder and call it politics, in the broad sense of the word.
I guess this means doing the stuff Jesus calls us to do must more often be the ground for our reflecting (ie: theology) rather than the other way around.

By the way:
I am convinced that IFK Göteborg will finish top of the swedish football league this season!


Jonathan said...

welcome welcome. About time too (regarding getting a proper blog, not football!)

daniel said...

very welcome!
didn't know you supported ifk, i'm afraid i'm not that convinced that they will win the league this year.

Andreas Andersson said...

It´s not about conviction. It is a faith issue... or possibly about sheer affirmation! They will win...