Sunday, 22 April 2007

Slow progress appreciation

Funny! I´m locked up in one room of our apartment as Anna is doing some demo recordings of her songs. So i´m sitting by the computer working while listening to her doing the same vocal lines over and over again, just looking for the moment when all the sounds work well together ... It´s humbling, and I guess necessary, in a time of hurry, to actually see how slow a process is that ultimately leads to just three minutes of music. I´m impressed by her persistence and know that beauty will come out of it.

The words she sang? "Praise Him!" ... Referring to this Jesus again. I wonder if, in this time of hurry, anyone will take the time to listen to Annas encouraging request for "Nazarean carpenter-son" appreciation? I hope so...

While confined to my office space I also found some time to look at this

Aahh, nostalgia!

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