Thursday, 13 December 2007

The shape of The Blog to come

Some notes on publishing ratio and comments on this blog.

One of the reasons I don´t publish stuff that often on this blog is obviouisly the fact that english is my second language. Since most people that read this blog are swedish, and therefore in the same seat as me, not many comments are made nor many discussions held. An obvious result!

An other reason is a slight bent from my side towards crafting articles or short essay:ish material rather than material suitable for an open forum discussion. This takes some time for me and might also, unfortunately, deter people from giving their views.

A third reason is the fact that I´ve had long periods since launching the blog where I simply have not had the time to just produce material or engage properly in making this blog into more of a forum... and I´d really like to!


I´m going to try and make some changes to this during winter.

- One aim is to simply publish more short stuff with a rougher edge to take some of the pressure off and enable response and comments. (Brief comments/reflections on my own musical work, brief stories from the journeying of our small community of Jesus followers, brief quotations from other blogs or writers etc...)

- Another aim is to publish some longer stuff (essay:ish material) as open inviations to an online discussion.
This will probably include some longer reflections on Jesus Sermon on the mount and the possibilities it opens up for mending vicious cycles in our lives and in our western culture.
(Probably focusing on conflict solving, non-violent activism and Gods generosity breaking "the myth of scarcity" that rules us more than we know or want to admit!)

- ... of course all of this needs to coincide with me having more time to publish things, and that remains to be seen! It is my sincere ambition though!

This leaves me with the hardest decision. The language!

Lately I´ve been a a bit keen on switching to swedish since this would enable me to work a lot faster and make it simpler for the readers that speak my native tongue to connect and leave comments.

This is where I need some help! What do You think? Switch to swedish or stick to english?

I´m taking a break from blogging january/february (a planned one this time!), so there´s plenty of time to respond! Please do!



fritzon said...

i started out blogging in English and switched to Swedish after a year or so. I found it liberating to write in Swedish, since it's a lot easier for me to express myself in Swedish.
You probably have more English-speaking readers than I have, but I would recommend a switch. I rarely write comments, but it would probably happen more often if the blog was in Swedish.

elof/kristenunderjord said...

Hey. I would recomend you to write in swedish. We need to speak about this stuff in the swedish context..

Neil - your Welsh friend said...

Hey Andreas,
While I appreciate your desire to write your blog in your mother-tongue, as an english speaker/reader I will be loose the opportunity of reading your thoughts. As a compromise, how about adding a link to an online Swedish to English translator e.g.

Maybe an occasional short blog in english to encourage those of us who don't speak Swedish. After all, the conversation is a global one!

Enjoy your fast,


Mackan said...

Most swedes understand english well enough to follow your thoughts, whatever language you choose.

I partial towards English, though.

Theological thoughts should not be written in the Language Of Heroes and History. ;)